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Kabor Foundation

At Kabor Properties, we believe in making a difference in the lives of people especially the children and in preserving our environment. This is why we are currently supporting various charities, individuals, as well as starting our tree planting project in Karene District, Kamakwie, Sierra Leone. Please support us by making a donation towards our charity projects and don't hesitate to contact us to discuss details. 

Karene Environmental Project (Plant a Tree)

Seeing how our home town (Kamakwie) and Sierra Leone as whole is being damaged by logging, we decided to start the Plant a Tree campaign. Our aim is to plant one thousand trees over the next 5 years, starting with two hundred in 2022. We strongly believe in and know the importance of trees in our environment, hence we are taking this step to protect it for our children's future. Contact us to know more and please donate what you can to help us reforest our home. Trees can save lives. Our target is to raise £10,000 to enable us to reach our goal of two hundred trees this year.  

Girls in Music

As a musician, our Director 'Showers Jalloh' had a vision to sponsor Sierra Leone's first professional female drummer. He then went on the search through various mediums including his interview with BBC Africa in early 2020. In February 2021, while in Freetown to organise our real estate project, he met the amazing Lizy who became the first girl to receive our sponsorship to study drums at Ballanta Academy of Music. Through support from friends and Alleyns School, we have managed to ship two full drums kit for Lizy as well as for Ballanta Music Academy to enhance her skills. Lizy is putting tremendous effort to become the country's first professional female drummer. You can follow her journey here

Girls in STEM Education

In 2019, through Alleyns School, London, we shipped over 20 iPads to Methodist Girls High School in Freetown, Sierra Leone, and our Director flew to Salone and gave IT training to staff and pupils and trained them on how to use the technology for teaching and learning. Showers has  also provided training virtually. In December 2020 as well as January 2021 whilst in Freetown he ran another STEM workshop with a group of students at Girls School. He also trained the performing arts staff and students to use Garageband on the iPads to create music. Since the introduction of the iPads to the school, the girls have been able to, create podcasts, film and edit videos, carry out research on various subject matters, and much more. We would like to continue this programme to enhance the girls' IT skills, so please donate what you can to enable us to achieve this.